Two Keys to Inspire Viral Marketing

Two Keys to Inspire Viral Marketing

If you ask business owners where they get most of their new customers, they’ll usually say word-of-mouth. A parent at a kid’s baseball game tells you about a great product she found, or friends invite you to a cool restaurant they discovered. It’s also the part of marketing that businesses feel they have the least control over. However, you actually have the most control.

You can inspire word-of-mouth by focusing on two things:

  1. Creating products or services that are worth talking about.
  2. Providing an amazing customer service experience that exceeds their expectations.

You walk into a restaurant with great décor, are greeted by a friendly waitress who calls you by name, she provides a special treat to pacify your child, and then your meal arrives with a taste that makes your mouth water. Chances are you’ll share your experience with others. 

However, if the place is wonderful and waitress is friendly, but the food is horrible, chances are not only won’t they come back, but they’ll tell others not to go as well. So rather than crazy advertising gimmicks to get viral buzz, learn how to do what you do better.

I recently facilitated a “Creating a Wow Experience for Our Customers” workshop for a company that resulted in hundreds of marketing ideas of how they could improve their product and customer experience. Contact us to learn how we could do the same for you and inspire viral marketing that fuels your business.