Social Media Marketing Secret #1 - Planning

Social Media Marketing Secret #1 - Planning

Social media marketing should be thought of as a long-term strategy. When planning your strategy, the key is to start with the desired end result and work backwards. In other words, take a look at all of the social media platforms and discern what is the best option to reach your goals. Determine where you want to direct your fans. Are you sending them to your website, or maybe a blog? Once you get them there, how are you going to capture them as leads? How do you convert those leads into sales?

Not only will this “think backwards” planning method help you build your strategy, it will give you a time frame to base your strategy upon. Keep in mind that in social marketing there really is not a rush to go from engagement to sales; the idea is to engage your following and build relationships.

Jsocial marketing strategyim Sterne, author of Social Media Metrics, explains that there are four steps to successful business engagement in social media:

  1. Develop a following.
  2. Get them to like you.
  3. Get them to interact.
  4. Convince them to buy.

The time it takes to go from step one to step four depends on your product or service and the strategy you plan to implement.

As you outline your social marketing plan, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why Social Marketing? Is it to strengthen your brand image? Do you want to capture more qualified leads?

2. Who are you marketing to? completed a study focused on U.S. Internet users who use social media. They broke the information down based upon age demographics. The majority of young adults (18-34), over 78 percent, are engaged in social media. Don’t be deceived and think that it is only the youth that are actively involved. Over 43 percent of those 55+ are involved in social media!

3. How can you reach them best? This is dependent upon your goals and which platforms you choose. CMO developed a chart titled, “The CMO’S Guide to The Social Landmark.” It ranks the effectiveness of various platforms based on some common goals businesses have. What inbound marketing guideplatform will work best for your audience? Where is your target market located in the world of social media?

Once your strategy is developed, it’s time to move on to tactics. Check back next Monday to hear about how to effectively market on each platform.

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