Social Marketing Success Story: 100 to over 28,000 Likes in 2 Weeks

Social Marketing Success Story: 100 to over 28,000 Likes in 2 Weeks

Social marketing can be a very cost-effective way to generate awareness and revenue. The key is to start now to build your fan base. The most effective way to do that is through contests.

Facebook contests can be an effective way for a resort, hotel, restaurant or other business to build their fan base, create brand loyalty and collect data.

Most contests are run in order to increase the number of page likes, but a properly run contest can also allow the business to obtain email addresses or cell phone numbers. Email addresses may be valuable to a business that uses an email marketing program. Cell phone numbers can be valuable to a company that conducts text message marketing campaigns.

It is very important to carefully plan a contest. Never rush into it. Elements to consider include:

  • The rules.
  • The terms of the contest.
  • The prize.
  • Appropriate graphic art.
  • Appropriate text.
  • Winner notification.

We have found that keeping the contest as simple as possible produces the best results.

Our social team recently ran a very successful Facebook contest for a resort lodge and event center in Northern Minnesota. They started out with about 100 Likes. Check out the results below:

  • Contest Dates: January 9-23, 2013
  • 28,119 new page ‘Likes’
  • Approx. 1,875 new ‘Likes’ per day
  • Approx. 78 new ‘Likes’ per hour
  • More than 1 new ‘Like’ per minute (1.3/min)
  • 1 new ‘Like’ approx. every 50 seconds
  • 16,741 of total new page ‘Likes’ came from mobile devices
  • 91,046 total photo ‘Shares’
  • Approx. 6,070 ‘Shares’ per day
  • Approx. 253 ‘Shares’ per hour
  • More than 4 ‘Shares’ per min (approx. 4.22/min)
  • 1 ‘Share’ approx. every 14 seconds
  • 45,000 Facebook page views
  • 3,000 per day
  • 125 per hour
  • Approx. 2 per min (2.08/min)
  • 1 page view approx. every 29 seconds
  • Target Market of 25-34 year olds had the greatest reach (approx. 30%)
  • 186,755 people talking about page at peak (1/10/13- 1/16/13)
  • 2,846,867 total people reached at peak (1/10/13- 1/16/13)
  • Peak Day: Jan 10th
  • 5,513 new page ‘Likes’
  • Just short of 4 new ‘Likes’ per minute (3.83/min)
  • 1 new ‘Like’ approximately every 17 seconds
  • 9,232 page views
  • Approx. 385 views per hour
  • More than 6 views per minute (6.41/min)
  • 1 page view approx. every 9 seconds

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