Sex and Inbound Marketing - A Raving Success Story

Sex and Inbound Marketing - A Raving Success Story

In traditional advertising, it's long been know that "sex sells". Whether it's beer, cars or GoDaddy domain names, it works. So it's no surprise that it also can work with Inbound Marketing. What's unusual about this case is that it is for . . . a dentist!

, a Boston, MA dentist was struggling to grow her practice. Her revenue was under $200,000/year and the money she was spending on yellow page advertising wasn't generating very much new business.

Then she stumbled upon an idea after hearing about David Meerman Scott, author of World Wide Rave, and his ideas about viral marketing e-books.

"I had wanted to talk about the connection betweeen oral health and sexual health -- something no one was talking about -- for a long time, but didn't know how to address the topic." said Smith. "I knew an e-book format would be the perfect vehicle for my idea."

"And while I thought it was a good idea, when I published my e-book, "Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex!", I was a little nervous about what people's reactions would be. My fears were for naught".

Since publishing it, Smith has had countless colleagues call to tell her what a great book it is. She has had a couple of colleges call to ask if they could hand it out to freshman at orientation.  Numerous bloggers have written about it. And thousands of people have downloaded it.

The resulting exposure has made a huge difference to her business, which has since grown to generate over $1 million annually.

"I am absolutely thrilled -- to say the least!" said Smith. "Social media is the new way of communicating with your customers. For years I relied on traditional marketing, none of which worked. This blog (The Successful Smiles Blog, my Website, YouTube videos, and the e-books have done more to build my practice than the expensive yellow pages advertising I purchased month after month ever did."

Helaine Smith proved that great content that appeals to your audience (and sex has a lot of appeal) can make a positive impact on your brand exposure and your bottom line.