Sales Videos Increase Likelihood to Purchase by 72%

Sales Videos Increase Likelihood to Purchase by 72%

Visual images are like duct tape, they stick to you long after words are forgotten. Video takes visual memory to the ultimate level, integrating two of our most prominent senses – sight and sound – to deliver messages with staying power. sales video, web video production

According to national research conducted by the Wharton School of Business, consumers are 72% more likely to purchase an online product when video is used. That’s the power of video. By engaging the 3 Vs of communication – Verbal, Vocal and Visual – video provides optimum connection between your sales team and potential buyers.

Over the course of three decades researchers studied human response to verbal and non-verbal communication and developed the 7%-38%-55% Rule, now an advertising industry standard, which describes how consumers evaluate information. Applying the 7%-38%-55% Rule to the 3 Vs reveals how messages impact consumers, whether it’s a face-to-face meeting, television commercial, online video or sales presentation:

    • Verbal. The words used account for just 7% of a person’s receptiveness to a communicated message.
    • Vocal. The presenter’s tone of voice is responsible for 38% of a message’s effectiveness.
    • Visual. By far the most critical element in message dissemination, non-verbal communication, particularly facial expression and body language, accounts for 55% of a message’s impact.

Adding quality video to your online marketing efforts allows you to capitalize on the considerable power of visual communication to draw customers and boost sales. It can reflect the personality of your company, setting you apart from the competition and ensuring that visitors remember you when they’re ready to buy. Check out these examples of Th!nkCreative produced sales videos and product videos to see the impact video can make for your business.