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  • What can video marketing do for you?

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think we can all agree this is a pretty fair statement when it comes to the world of marketing. Since we’re looking at it from this perspective, can you imagine how much a video is worth! We’re a marketing company so math has never been our strong suit, but we can’t help but believe the number is pretty high! As we cruise through 2013, we want a take a moment to pause and explain the benefits of video marketing; a concept that will become even more vital for businesses in the years to come.

    1. “Search ability”- You probably aren’t aware because it’s become second nature, but in 2012, video results have appeared in nearly 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google. A percentage that is only increasing with time! In this day of age, technology is everything. Customers are constantly searching their smart devices for new products or services and let’s face it, we’d all rather watch a 45 second clip than spend 5 minutes reading a review! #TimeEfficiency
    2. Video Life- Unlike most advertisements that become irrelevant in a year’s time, a video can be useful for the long haul. Not to mention the fact that they typically require an executive order to be taken down, which means a video ad has the potential to gain your business a new customer years after it was officially released. It might cost more to produce in the moment, but rest assured that this is a cost-effective marketing strategy over time!
    3. The Analytics- One of the best parts of video marketing is its ability to be measured. Whether or not your video is a hit with customers can be determined by looking at the easily accessible analytics. This instant feedback helps your business clearly see which marketing strategies are working and on the other hand, which ones could use a little more “TLC” to help them become more successful.

    So what are you waiting for? Here at Think Creative, we’re already aboard the video marketing bandwagon. It’s time for you to jump on too! You can see the marketing world much clearer aboard; and believe us when we say, the future looks bright.

  • Nurturing Leads with Email Marketing

    Sales lead generation is only the first step in getting a potention website visitor to become a customer. Just as important is nurturing the prospect along. An effective way to do that is through email marketing.

    Introduction to email marketingThere are more than 294 billion emails sent per day. That's 3.4 million every second! Clearly, email is not dead. But due to all the clutter, it is increasingly more difficult to get noticed. As an inbound marketing tactic, lead nurturing is all about understanding the nuances of your leads’ timing and needs. By getting these details right, you set yourself up for success.

    Lead nurturing introduces a tightly connected series of emails with a coherent purpose and full of useful content. In this context, lead nurturing offers more advantages than just an individual email blast.

    1. It's Timely - Study after study shows that email response rates decline over the age of the lead. In his science of timing research Dan Zarrella, Hubspot’s social media scientist, discovered that there is a positive correlation between subscriber recency and ctr, one of the key metrics of engagement. You need to use lead nurturing campaigns to take advantage of this dynamic. 
    2. It’s Automated - Once you set up lead nurturing in Hubspot, emails are sent out automatically according to your schedule as new leads come in. This leads to a high return on a low investment, helping you qualify leads and push them down the sales funnel faster. 
    3. It’s Targeted - Studies show that targeted and segmented emails perform better than mass email communications. Hubspot lead nurturing enables you to tie a series of emails to a specific activity or conversion event. You can craft your follow-up email based on the action a lead has taken on your website.

    To learn more, download Hubspot's "How to Execute & Measure Successful Email Campaigns" ebook. The introduction to email marketing ebook includes details on:

    • 5 common email marketing challenges and their solutions
    • 6 types of marketing emails you can send today
    • 9 email marketing metrics you should track
    • Quick email marketing facts and additional resources

    Easily build, send and measure awesome email campaigns with HubSpot's email and lead generation marketing software. Request a demo and check it out today!

  • 12 Lead Generation Calls to Action

    With more emphasis being placed on marketing teams to generate ROI, it's important to make contact with your websites visitors and nurture them along. When you have a website strategy in line with this objective you can make it easy for visitors to access what you have to offer them through calls to action.

    When you create a call to action, make sure it goes beyond "submit" and includes the benefits of responding. A Science of Lead Generation 2011 Study showed that conversion rates descrease when the word "submit" was used compared to other benefit-oriented calls to action.

    Here are 12 differenct types of lead generating calls to action you may want to consider using. When you do, make them easy for your visitors to find "above the fold". Incorporate an easy to complete form or link the button to the form. Keep the text short and sweet and start with an action verb.

    1. Request an interview

    Request interview cta

    2. Subscribe

    subscribe cta

    3. Register

    4. View a Demo

    5. Take a Tour

    take a tour cta

    6. Download (such as a white paper, plugins)

    download cta

    7. Upload (a resume or video)

    8. Donate

    9. See in Action

    see in action cta

    10. Get a Quote

    11. Sign up for Free

    sign up free

    12. Create an Account

  • Three Steps to Social Media Marketing

    Three Steps to good So­cial Media Marketing

    socialmedia marketing 

    The keys to success according to Gail Moody-Byrd in social media marketing has little to do with your feature-rich platform, clever branding or well-honed messaging.


    Discover. Use a mixture of listening tools like NetBase and Twitalyzer to conduct audience research. (It usually takes more than one tool to get all you need.) Always start by learning what is being talked about, who the most influential voices are and where their virtual water coolers can be found. You'll learn the keywords of the conversation you want to join before you jump in, helping your message resonate with real customer points. Create a scoring mechanism to prioritize the influencers who are most valuable to you, then find ways to engage in conversations with them. Connect them with your subject matter experts to give them insights that help them become “in the know” about your products and plans where appropriate. Influencers love gaining more influence and building their reputations, often more than financial rewards (you'd be surprised how true this is).

    Empower. The biggest amen moment during my comments at the recent BtoB Digital Edge conference in San Francisco came when I said, “Marketers need to create an environment that enables rich information exchange among community members—then get out of the way.” We know the majority of social media teams in companies reside in the marketing organization. But I view our jobs as enablers and “conductors.” The real task is to get your internal experts (product management, designers, etc.) to talk to customers and influencers about how products are designed to solve business problems. It can be hard to get your experts to be on the front lines of communication. But there are tons of lessons in it for them, too—direct customer feedback for starters.

    Publish. Here's something that is in the realm of marketing's role in social media marketing—finding ways to highlight the most engaging content on your channels. You can link to popular blogs or discussions in your hosted community, or via Facebook posts or tweets/retweets or LinkedIn comments. Feature links to your most popular blogs in your next monthly newsletter. There are plenty of ways for you to give this organically generated content legs and get more exposure for it.

    Read more at:

  • Social Marketing Success Story: 100 to over 28,000 Likes in 2 Weeks

    Social marketing can be a very cost-effective way to generate awareness and revenue. The key is to start now to build your fan base. The most effective way to do that is through contests.

    Facebook contests can be an effective way for a resort, hotel, restaurant or other business to build their fan base, create brand loyalty and collect data.

    Most contests are run in order to increase the number of page likes, but a properly run contest can also allow the business to obtain email addresses or cell phone numbers. Email addresses may be valuable to a business that uses an email marketing program. Cell phone numbers can be valuable to a company that conducts text message marketing campaigns.

    It is very important to carefully plan a contest. Never rush into it. Elements to consider include:

    • The rules.
    • The terms of the contest.
    • The prize.
    • Appropriate graphic art.
    • Appropriate text.
    • Winner notification.

    We have found that keeping the contest as simple as possible produces the best results.

    Our social team recently ran a very successful Facebook contest for a resort lodge and event center in Northern Minnesota. They started out with about 100 Likes. Check out the results below:

    • Contest Dates: January 9-23, 2013
    • 28,119 new page ‘Likes’
    • Approx. 1,875 new ‘Likes’ per day
    • Approx. 78 new ‘Likes’ per hour
    • More than 1 new ‘Like’ per minute (1.3/min)
    • 1 new ‘Like’ approx. every 50 seconds
    • 16,741 of total new page ‘Likes’ came from mobile devices
    • 91,046 total photo ‘Shares’
    • Approx. 6,070 ‘Shares’ per day
    • Approx. 253 ‘Shares’ per hour
    • More than 4 ‘Shares’ per min (approx. 4.22/min)
    • 1 ‘Share’ approx. every 14 seconds
    • 45,000 Facebook page views
    • 3,000 per day
    • 125 per hour
    • Approx. 2 per min (2.08/min)
    • 1 page view approx. every 29 seconds
    • Target Market of 25-34 year olds had the greatest reach (approx. 30%)
    • 186,755 people talking about page at peak (1/10/13- 1/16/13)
    • 2,846,867 total people reached at peak (1/10/13- 1/16/13)
    • Peak Day: Jan 10th
    • 5,513 new page ‘Likes’
    • Just short of 4 new ‘Likes’ per minute (3.83/min)
    • 1 new ‘Like’ approximately every 17 seconds
    • 9,232 page views
    • Approx. 385 views per hour
    • More than 6 views per minute (6.41/min)
    • 1 page view approx. every 9 seconds

    Find out more!

    For more information on creating an effective Facebook contest or Think Creative's Social Media Management Program (where we do all the posting, blogging and tweeting for you 10-15/week) contact Think Creative for a free consultation.

  • Content Marketing Proven to Increase 10x More Sales Leads

    Leads Referring Websites

    Content Marketing (aka Inbound Marketing) has proven to increase website traffic as much as 400% and generate 10 times more leads.

    But content marketing is also the key to turning prospective buyers into actual customers. When it comes to sales, buyers respond better to educational, thought-leadership articles and information than to traditional sale advertising.

    As Certified Inbound Marketing Specialists, Think Creative can help you generate more leads and turn them in to revenue. Our new content marketing services include lead generation strategies, content development, ebooks, webinars, videos and more. For more information down the Essential Inbound Marketing Guide for Executives.

  • Five Secrets of Making Social Media Marketing Work for Your Company

    Over the course of 5 articles, I'll share 5 secrets to help you gain a clear idea of what it takes to be effective in social media marketing.

    With any new medium that becomes available, it takes a while for companies to adapt their marketing. After all, with so many different choices (direct mail, radio, TV, print, etc.) it’s no social media marketing secretswonder why companies may be a little hesitant to jump into everything that’s out there.

    So why do you really want to get into social media marketing? It comes down to the numbers. For instance, let’s take a look at Facebook. Facebook has over 800 million users. If it where a county, it would be larger than Brazil! Half of the users log in to Facebook every single day and are connected with over 80 calendars, social groups, and events.

    Twitter has over 500 million different users and is adding an average of 300,000 users every day. Some individuals strategically create multiple accounts. We’ll talk more about that in the weeks to come.

    Moving on to LinkedIn. LinkedIn has over 160 million users and connect over 200 different countries. Every single Fortune 500 is represented on the LinkedIn network.

    So, why, in just a few years, has social media grown to the level it is at now? It differs from past marketing mediums. For example, both the phone and Internet were created with businesses in mind. Social networks were created with people in mind and a focus on connection. It has made a way for relationships to be cultivated through a new medium.

    Download The Essential Guide to Inbound Marketing for Executives to get a step-by-step approach on how you can launch an effective social media marketing campaign in 5 months.

  • Inbound Marketing: What is it?

     Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing is a type of marketing that is now possible thanks to evolving technology. Consumers are now able, more than ever, to control what information they receive and how they receive it. Inbound marketing differs from outbound (traditional) marketing in several ways. Outbound marketing is said to be “old marketing” and is any marketing that pushes products or services to customers. Inbound marketing is known as “new marketing” and is any marketing tactic that relies on earning people’s interest instead of buying it. Read the "compare" and "contrast" chart below to learn more distinctions between the two:

    Inbound Marketing

    Outbound Marketing

    Communication is interactive and two way

    Communication is one way

    Customers come to you

    Ex. Search engines, referrals, or social media

    Customers are sought out

    Ex. Print, TV, radio, or cold calls

    Marketers provide value

    Marketer provides little to no added value

    Marketer seeks to entertain and/or educate

    Marketer rarely seeks to entertain or educate

    “Permission Based Marketing” because only targets that express interest will be pursued

    “Interruption Marketing” because targets may or may not want see that ad at that time

    Marketing strategies have an opportunity to be used over and over again; available and usable for a very long period of time

    Ex. Social media going viral 

    Marketing strategies usually only available or visible for a limited time

    Ex. Billboard advertisement eventually will be taken down


    There are three very important components needed to be successful with inbound marketing:

    1. Content- An organization needs information that potential customers find valuable.
    2. Search Engine Optimization- A company must make sure that it shows up towards the top of search engine rankings. 
    3. Social media- A business must distribute content to individuals who share a close relationship with the company. The content which is disrtibuted must bring value.

    Blog 1 image 


    For more information about inbound marketing, check out our website!

  • Inbound Marketing - The value of repurposing content in social media

    inbound marketing content creationThere are over 10 social media sites that give you access from one million people to over 800 million people online. These are sites that require a relatively small investment in order to spread the message about your product or service. And if you are connected to them properly they can increase your search engine rankings by over 400%.

    While you can create new content for each, you can maximize your the value of content investment by repurposing it across all the social media outlets.

    Even video can be repurposed! The video can be added to sites like YouTube and Vimeo, while the scripts can be distributed to all other media. Links can then be added that connect readers to the video.

    At Th!nkCreative we create content, or repurpose existing content, and develop a inbound marketing plan that gets your content to all those channels faster and with less work.

    Contact us today to see how we can increase your social media marketing exposure for less.

  • Social Media Marketing Secret #5 - Make Your Website Social Friendly

    The goal of most social marketing is to drive people to your website to take them from conversation to conversion. To be successful it’s important to make your website social media friendly. Here are a number of ways to do this.

      1. social marketing secretsA bad navigation will leave visitors frustrated and quickly leaving your site. Make sure the navigation on your site is easy to follow and all of the links actually work.
      2. Invite feedback through your site in as many different ways as you can. Add tools (a Facebook “Like”, a Twitter “Tweet, a Digg “Digg” etc.) to invite people to comment and share the information on your site.
      3. Creating surveys is a great way to facilitate feedback. People like sharing their opinion and having a venue to do so. You can also compile the results and repost it on your site and social media networks to engage and educated your following.
      4. Allow people to comment on your sites’ content, whether that is on articles, blogs, or images. Commenting is very engaging and allows people to interact with you and your brand.
      5. You are the expert in the industry and people are going to value your knowledge. Include a resource page on your site with access to articles, ebooks, white papers, etc. for your visitors to read. You can use this resource page as a driving force to your website from your social networks.

    That’s the 5 secrets to making social marketing work for your company. Contact us today to get your social media marketing campaign started!

    inbound marketing guideDownload The Essential Guide to Inbound Marketing for Executives to get a step-by-step guide to implementing a social media marketing plan in 5 months.