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  • Marketing Strategy: 73% of Consumers Say "Story" Sells

    In Adobe Systems Incorporated, The State of Online Advertising, research, 53% of consumers think most marketing is B.S., 51% feel beautiful advertising is more effective, and 73% say advertising should tell a unique story, not just try to sell.

    When consumers were asked to rate each of the following statements based on whether you agree or disagree, the results were interesting:

    The research revealed that consumers want to be engaged by the advertising images they see. "Story", video, TV commercials, and what celebrities wear, all create an emotional response. That is the critical ingredient that moves consumers to action.

    Good traditional and online marketing stories are created by advertising agencies within a creative strategy. At Think Creative we research your target market to determine their preferences, then we develop messaging that emotionally appeals to that market to compell them to action.

    Contact Think Creative for a free consultation on how we can help you create your brand story and drive revenue.

  • What can video marketing do for you?

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think we can all agree this is a pretty fair statement when it comes to the world of marketing. Since we’re looking at it from this perspective, can you imagine how much a video is worth! We’re a marketing company so math has never been our strong suit, but we can’t help but believe the number is pretty high! As we cruise through 2013, we want a take a moment to pause and explain the benefits of video marketing; a concept that will become even more vital for businesses in the years to come.

    1. “Search ability”- You probably aren’t aware because it’s become second nature, but in 2012, video results have appeared in nearly 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google. A percentage that is only increasing with time! In this day of age, technology is everything. Customers are constantly searching their smart devices for new products or services and let’s face it, we’d all rather watch a 45 second clip than spend 5 minutes reading a review! #TimeEfficiency
    2. Video Life- Unlike most advertisements that become irrelevant in a year’s time, a video can be useful for the long haul. Not to mention the fact that they typically require an executive order to be taken down, which means a video ad has the potential to gain your business a new customer years after it was officially released. It might cost more to produce in the moment, but rest assured that this is a cost-effective marketing strategy over time!
    3. The Analytics- One of the best parts of video marketing is its ability to be measured. Whether or not your video is a hit with customers can be determined by looking at the easily accessible analytics. This instant feedback helps your business clearly see which marketing strategies are working and on the other hand, which ones could use a little more “TLC” to help them become more successful.

    So what are you waiting for? Here at Think Creative, we’re already aboard the video marketing bandwagon. It’s time for you to jump on too! You can see the marketing world much clearer aboard; and believe us when we say, the future looks bright.

  • The Power of Storytelling: Making Brands Come to Life

    Here is a webinar on "The Power of Storytelling: Making Brands Come to Life" from Stanford University Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It shares the importance of the four important stories every business person needs in order to connect.


    It has a lot of great content. For more effective ideas on storytelling for your brand, contact Think Creative.

  • Nurturing Leads with Email Marketing

    Sales lead generation is only the first step in getting a potention website visitor to become a customer. Just as important is nurturing the prospect along. An effective way to do that is through email marketing.

    Introduction to email marketingThere are more than 294 billion emails sent per day. That's 3.4 million every second! Clearly, email is not dead. But due to all the clutter, it is increasingly more difficult to get noticed. As an inbound marketing tactic, lead nurturing is all about understanding the nuances of your leads’ timing and needs. By getting these details right, you set yourself up for success.

    Lead nurturing introduces a tightly connected series of emails with a coherent purpose and full of useful content. In this context, lead nurturing offers more advantages than just an individual email blast.

    1. It's Timely - Study after study shows that email response rates decline over the age of the lead. In his science of timing research Dan Zarrella, Hubspot’s social media scientist, discovered that there is a positive correlation between subscriber recency and ctr, one of the key metrics of engagement. You need to use lead nurturing campaigns to take advantage of this dynamic. 
    2. It’s Automated - Once you set up lead nurturing in Hubspot, emails are sent out automatically according to your schedule as new leads come in. This leads to a high return on a low investment, helping you qualify leads and push them down the sales funnel faster. 
    3. It’s Targeted - Studies show that targeted and segmented emails perform better than mass email communications. Hubspot lead nurturing enables you to tie a series of emails to a specific activity or conversion event. You can craft your follow-up email based on the action a lead has taken on your website.

    To learn more, download Hubspot's "How to Execute & Measure Successful Email Campaigns" ebook. The introduction to email marketing ebook includes details on:

    • 5 common email marketing challenges and their solutions
    • 6 types of marketing emails you can send today
    • 9 email marketing metrics you should track
    • Quick email marketing facts and additional resources

    Easily build, send and measure awesome email campaigns with HubSpot's email and lead generation marketing software. Request a demo and check it out today!

  • 12 Lead Generation Calls to Action

    With more emphasis being placed on marketing teams to generate ROI, it's important to make contact with your websites visitors and nurture them along. When you have a website strategy in line with this objective you can make it easy for visitors to access what you have to offer them through calls to action.

    When you create a call to action, make sure it goes beyond "submit" and includes the benefits of responding. A Science of Lead Generation 2011 Study showed that conversion rates descrease when the word "submit" was used compared to other benefit-oriented calls to action.

    Here are 12 differenct types of lead generating calls to action you may want to consider using. When you do, make them easy for your visitors to find "above the fold". Incorporate an easy to complete form or link the button to the form. Keep the text short and sweet and start with an action verb.

    1. Request an interview

    Request interview cta

    2. Subscribe

    subscribe cta

    3. Register

    4. View a Demo

    5. Take a Tour

    take a tour cta

    6. Download (such as a white paper, plugins)

    download cta

    7. Upload (a resume or video)

    8. Donate

    9. See in Action

    see in action cta

    10. Get a Quote

    11. Sign up for Free

    sign up free

    12. Create an Account

  • Marketing Strategy: New Research Shows Consumer Preferences

    Adobe Systems Incorporated just released marketing research on "The State of Online Advertising" that provides some surprising insights into consumer behavior. According to the online survey, consumers (and marketers to consumers) were asked where they prefer to look at an ad, the two top choices were print magazines and during TV shows.

    Consumers and marketers were also asked what source is best for marketing and advertising.

    Overall, the results show that consumers prefer traditional marketing more than online marketing. However, an important factor to keep in mind is that traditional marketing is far more expensive than online marketing. When deciding where to advertise remember that the ROI is still greater with online marketing.

    A marketing approach we often take at Think Creative is to develop an integrated marketing campaign that utilizes both traditional and online marketing. A campaign can include magazine or TV ads that drive consumers to a website. Or direct mail and Facebook campaign to launch a promotion.

    Contact Think Creative for more information on our marketing strategy services.

  • 5 Steps to Effective Content Marketing

    If you want to know how to be more effective with your marketing efforts, here is a video created by Marketing Experiments on "5 Steps to Effective Content Marketing". One of the experts conducts a physician only network that relys on lead generation. Great information!

  • Online Video Increases Conversion Rates in 99% of All Cases

    In the past year, many online lead generation companies have released statistics and reports detailing how adding product or testimonial videos can increase conversion rates, customer interaction, and overall online videoROI. Here’s a look as some of the numbers:

      • TriMark added a click-to-play customer testimonials video to all Window World PPC landing pages. Within a month, they began to see lead conversion increases of 20% from those specific sites.
      • EyeView Digital has reported conversion rate increases of over 80% when video additions were included in landing page optimizations.
      • Andrew Angus from Switch Web Video boasts this impressive statement, “If you have a video on a webpage you are much much more likely to convert that visitor to a lead as compared to a normal web page. I have seen figures that show video landing pages convert 2 times to 6 times better than a normal webpage.”
      • Andrew Angus also went on to discuss the importance of video testimonials to conversion rates, “The page with testimonials on it beat the competition by 158%! That blew me out of the water and is a huge difference for the business.”
      • Chris Savage of also believes in the power of video additions to landing pages. He was recently quoted as saying, “We consistently get 3-4x better conversion ratios when we have videos on a page. Visitors convert in less time and there tend to be more opportunities.”

    The experts are unanimous, adding videos to your websites and landing pages WILL INCREASE CONVERSION RATES in 99% of all cases.

    Now that you’re planning on adding a video, what style is going to be most effective for you, testimonial, sales, or educational? Think Creative's video production team can help you determine what story, style and call-to-action within your video will best meet your needs. Contact us today!

  • Social Marketing Success is in the Energy

    social marketing success

    "Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking." - Albert Einstein

    We can read all the books on how to do social and inbound marketing, but ultimately it comes down to doing. Developing a solid strategic plan and making it work.

    Books can help you avoid mistakes, but the biggest mistake is in not trying. After all, advertising is about energy – the more energy you put in the more results you get in return.

  • Inbound Marketing Success!

    The way things are discovered today is clearly much different than just a few years ago. Technology has continuously made it easy to go online from a computer or cell phone and find any information that one wants to know. From a marketing standpoint, strategies must be used inorder to stay relevant in the online world. Rather than having products pushed onto them, consumers will go out of their way to discover the brands that they are interested in- if Inbound Marketing is being used successfully, that is! Here is a list of 6 steps you can take to have Inbound Marketing Success within your company.

    1. Write Worthwhile Content: To stay relevant in the virutal world, a company must continuously come up with content that the target audience finds meaningful and worth their time to view. Without having relevant content, it will be nearly impossible to build your brand through an online presence.
    2. Track Your Performance: After worthwhile content has been posted, it is vital for a business to monitor the impact that is had. There are many different methods that offer statistics to track how well a company is performing.
    3. Promote Through Many Sources: To reach the greatest number of consumers, a business must spread their content out through various methods. Using platforms such as the company’s website and social media will allow for a large overall impact to be made.
    4. Follow up on Posts: After your company’s message has been sent out, it is important to observe what happens next. Wait for people to comment, “Like”, or share what you have posted and respond to their responses accordingly. Use the feedback you get to find possible leads.
    5. Rank the Leads and Send to Sales: Create a system of which leads are worth pursuing and get that list to your sales team. The important key here is using the information that you gained from previous interaction as a way to approach each individual lead.
    6. Always Pay Attention: Continuously monitor the whole process to see what is working well and what can be tweaked to provide the greatest return for your business.


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