Lead Generation - 3 Steps to Avoid Being a Social Media Wall Flower

Lead Generation - 3 Steps to Avoid Being a Social Media Wall Flower

There are over 10 social media sites that give you access from one million people to over 800 million people online. But how can you get those people, especially the hot ones who are your ideal customers, to notice your company's products or services? Here are 3 quick tips:

lead generation through content creation

1. Go Where The Hotties Go!

It makes sense doesn't it? If you want to attract the attention of someone you first have to hang out or frequent the same places they do. Just like real life, if your hot prospects are in bars, then go to the type of bars that attract them. It's the same with online, find out where they hangout, what community groups are they in, what things do they like. But just being in the same place isn't enough...

2. Flash Them to Get Their Attention!

If you want to be successful in lead generation, you can't just be a Social Wall Flower. You have to engage them and get their attention. This is done by knowing what it is that appeals to your potential customers. You don't have to take your top off, but you do need to get their attention with valuable content such as ebooks, videos, or case studies with ways to save them time, money, or make their lives easier. 

3. Don't Be a One-Night Stand

After they've shown their interested by downloading a special offer or information, don't forget about them. Your key isn't to have a one-night stand, you want to develop a long-term relationship that lasts and lasts. Keep in contact with more content to nurture them along. In the end, you'll find you could both live happily ever after. 

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