Inbound Marketing - How Universal Launched Harry Potter World by Only Telling 7 People

Inbound Marketing - How Universal Launched Harry Potter World by Only Telling 7 People

And how Inbound Marketing turned 7 People into 350 Million!

inbound marketing and viral marketing help launch Harry Potter WorldImagine that you are the head of marketing for Univeral Orlando Resort and you are in charge of launching a new major attraction - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

With access to millions of dollars of promotional resouces, the traditional marketing approach would have been to blanket the nation with TV commercial, place billboards in major cities, or feature ads in magazines. A press release would also be sent in hopes that news media would pick up the story.

However, that's not what Cindy Gordon, VP of New Media Partnerships did. Instead she took advantage of Inbound Marketing and just told seven people. Gorden called up the seven most poular bloggers in the world. She invited them to a webinar in which she asked the set designer of "Harry Potter" to explain how the movie was made. She then asked the seven bloggers to write about their impression of the movie.

Once they published their blog articles, hundreds of thousands of blog readers left comments on their blogs and Facebook about "Harry Potter" and spread the word. Within 24 hours the Universal Orlando Resort website received over 1.5 million visits.

The mainstream media picked up on the buzz and wrote about the news in their newspaper and magazine articles and in TV and radio reports. People started talking about it in real life and Twitter went will.

Gordon estimates that 350 million people around the world heard the news that Univeral Orlando Resort was creating The Wizardly World of Harry Potter and she didn't spend a penny to make any of it happen - she just told seven people.