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  • Wow! What a Great Creative Marketing Idea

    Imagine peeking into a bar window and seeing this!

    bar marketing idea

    You have to look twice, but the image of the thongs is actually on the back of the bar stools. This very creative marketing idea instantly gives the bar a unique personality - one of fun and edginess.

    Decals and partial body images like this are being used in many ways to attract attention and give brands personality. Here are a few:

    plumbers truck

    sticker13 resized 600

    guerilla marketing

    Get people talking! Think of how this approach could work for your business.

  • Guerrilla Social Marketing - Marketing with Surprise

    Marketing is most effective when it takes consumers by surprise, makes a memorable impression, and pops up where people least expect it. With a little creativity you can add some fun and personality to your brand by incorporating your message into the everyday landscape in a unique way. That is true viral social marketing. Take a look at these guerrilla marketing ideas.

    guerrilla marketing urinal

    Now this would get a guys attention - a truly interactive ad that's memorable and gets people talking.

    guerilla marketing

    Great radio station promotion - giving away Free Air Guitars!

     guerrilla marketing

    This ad is all about location, location, location.

    guerrilla marketing

    Tired of kissing your bosses a__? This company's hilarious entrance banner to a career fair makes it seem like a great company to work for.

    guerrilla marketing ideas

    One of my all time favorites. Mercedes sent out their hood ornament with a suction cup base so any driver could get the sense of driving a Mercedes. Great branding campaign.

    guerrilla marketing ideas

    Think you have an acne problem? A great graphic for a college campus' climbing wall.

     guerrilla marketing ideas

    Rather than a door hanger, this extermination company added some mystery by placing mouse holes under doors.

     guerrilla marketing ideas

    Ever wonder what your car is thinking. These cars in a parking garage are wishing they were a VW.

    guerrilla marketing ideas

    The more you can make an ad interactive, the more memorable it becomes. In this case, people can express themselves by signing a cast. How cool is that?

    guerrill marketing idea

    Here's an ad that spills out of the traditional display case and grabs the audiences attention.

    guerrilla marketing ideas

    This ad is nearly impossible to ignore. Great use of location and emotion to make a point.

    What these images show is that it doesn't always take a large budget to make a memorable impact. The core to real marketing success is in the idea.