Five Secrets of Making Social Media Marketing Work for Your Company

Five Secrets of Making Social Media Marketing Work for Your Company

Over the course of 5 articles, I'll share 5 secrets to help you gain a clear idea of what it takes to be effective in social media marketing.

With any new medium that becomes available, it takes a while for companies to adapt their marketing. After all, with so many different choices (direct mail, radio, TV, print, etc.) it’s no social media marketing secretswonder why companies may be a little hesitant to jump into everything that’s out there.

So why do you really want to get into social media marketing? It comes down to the numbers. For instance, let’s take a look at Facebook. Facebook has over 800 million users. If it where a county, it would be larger than Brazil! Half of the users log in to Facebook every single day and are connected with over 80 calendars, social groups, and events.

Twitter has over 500 million different users and is adding an average of 300,000 users every day. Some individuals strategically create multiple accounts. We’ll talk more about that in the weeks to come.

Moving on to LinkedIn. LinkedIn has over 160 million users and connect over 200 different countries. Every single Fortune 500 is represented on the LinkedIn network.

So, why, in just a few years, has social media grown to the level it is at now? It differs from past marketing mediums. For example, both the phone and Internet were created with businesses in mind. Social networks were created with people in mind and a focus on connection. It has made a way for relationships to be cultivated through a new medium.

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