Facebook Inbound Marketing - Grow Your Fan Base

Facebook Inbound Marketing - Grow Your Fan Base

The cornerstone of most Facebook inbound marketing efforts is centered around growing the number of fans for your page. After all, you need followers in order to have any impact. Experience shows that simple action-oriented offers which provide users benefits (what’s in it for them) from clicking "Like", pay off with faster fan growth. Here are a few strategies:

grow facebook fansInstant Gratification

Remember, people follow (and share) brands that are current, entertaining, informative, and above all, ones that provide value back. So "fan gate" your page and reward visitors with a coupon code, special offer, or fan-only content. This sort of instant payoff will help earn their trust and loyalty.

grow facebook fansSticky Welcome Mat

When you are investing in driving new visitors to your Facebook Page (from ads, your website, and other methods), do all you can to make a quality first impression. By making your default non-fan landing tab a memorable one, your fans will be more inclined to "Like" it and share your page with friends.

grow facebook fansSocial is Everywhere

Getting more fans for your Page depends on two things: First, you have to get users to your Page. Second, you have to convince them to click the thumb. Don't skip step one or you'll starve your Page. Feed it with more traffic from online ad campaigns, blog postings, email marketing, and other promotional efforts off Facebook.

grow facebook fansBe More Likeable

Having a sexy new page to promote is a great first step, but that alone won't keep the new fans coming and the existing ones sticking around. Thumbs up worthy brands and pages are those that are conversational and speak with an authentic voice. Don't forget to make good company or your charm will likely wear off.

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