CQ (Creative Intelligence) - Is it More Important Than Knowledge?

CQ (Creative Intelligence) - Is it More Important Than Knowledge?

There’s IQ which measures Intellectual Intelligence. EQ which measures Emotional Intelligence. But I believe there should be CQ to measure Creative Intelligence. Creativity is a rare and valuable asset to companies. So rare it is even more valued than education.

inbound marketing creative intelligenceIn a survey of Fortune 500 exectives, 58% said that being creative was a more important quality in an employee than being highly educated.

In our industry of advertising and inbound marketing, creativity is considered as essential. But it isn't something you can easily determine during an interview. That's why I wish there was a test to measure CQ. But how would that be done since for many creativity is in the eye of the creator?

In a recent comment, Trae Hutchinson suggested that the following categories could be on the test.

  1. Uniqueness of principle idea
  2. Challenge level for others to identify the purpose
  3. Message/Purpose clarity
  4. Difficulty to re-create
  5. Range of popularity
  6. Level of effect on society

Trae went on to say, "I believe the ability to test one's creativity isn't about measuring creative aptitude, but understanding the tendencies for their creative behavior. For example, some artists choose realism, while others prefer surrealism, their ability may not differ but their process very well might."

Executives who seek fresh ideas and "out-of-the-box" approaches to solving issues, realize that there are a lot of educated people in the world. Where the real difference lies is in the ability to apply that intelligence creativily. That's how you take a company from "good" to "great"!