12 Lead Generation Calls to Action

12 Lead Generation Calls to Action

With more emphasis being placed on marketing teams to generate ROI, it's important to make contact with your websites visitors and nurture them along. When you have a website strategy in line with this objective you can make it easy for visitors to access what you have to offer them through calls to action.

When you create a call to action, make sure it goes beyond "submit" and includes the benefits of responding. A Science of Lead Generation 2011 Study showed that conversion rates descrease when the word "submit" was used compared to other benefit-oriented calls to action.

Here are 12 differenct types of lead generating calls to action you may want to consider using. When you do, make them easy for your visitors to find "above the fold". Incorporate an easy to complete form or link the button to the form. Keep the text short and sweet and start with an action verb.

1. Request an interview

Request interview cta

2. Subscribe

subscribe cta

3. Register

4. View a Demo

5. Take a Tour

take a tour cta

6. Download (such as a white paper, plugins)

download cta

7. Upload (a resume or video)

8. Donate

9. See in Action

see in action cta

10. Get a Quote

11. Sign up for Free

sign up free

12. Create an Account